WordPress or blogspot. A beginner’s guide to personal blogging

wordpress or blogger

I wrote an article back in 2011 in which I reviewed both wordpress and blogspot platforms for starting a personal blog. Both platforms were at stable version but the development that occur in 9 years needs another review. It is useful to know about the background of system that we are going to use and it will make things much easier than relying on someone who has expertise in understanding blogging platforms.  As a beginner, it is very important to choose between these two platforms because wordpress and blogspot provides a content management system which is used by millions of users and beginners mostly desire to opt for something that is easy to understand.

I started my blogging journey from blogspot so lets know about it first.

blogspot logo Blogspot

Blogspot is a platform provided by google inc. It requires no such skills to understand it’s interface. You can just login into the blogspot website and start following some easy steps, create a name and then address for your blog. Your blog address is free of cost if you are choosing a domain name with blogspot address which will look like www.xyz.blogspot.com instead of www.xyz.com. The later one is called as custom domain and can be purchased from any domain services company.

After choosing a name for your blog, a dashboard will appear which is pretty easy to understand. You can start writing by clicking add post and publish it right away. The editor interface is quite easy and it looks similar to Microsoft word.


WordPress is a content management system used by millions of people around the world. It has an advanced web management platform having thousands of customization as per the requirement. So, it is basically an extended version of the blogspot (not by google) widening its scope for any brand including the personal one. Wordpess has a similar free third party domain provision services but it is not that handy as blogspot. It has lots of restrictions and for accessing the complete components of wordpress, you have to buy a custom domain which is generally not more than 15$ (excluding offers which can reduce its price to 1$, but only on special occasions, like black Friday).

Wordpress Vs Blogspot

1) Easy to setup blogspot blog. Linked with Gmail.

2) Blogspot provides free domain having access to all features just like a custom domain.

3) For running a blogspot blog, we do not need hosting services (cost-cutting)

4) It will incur zero cost to setup a blog on blogspot

5) Blogspot platform lacks customization or allow for limited manual customization.

6) Best for beginners with no prior skills in blogging

7) Best for personal blog

8) Start right now


1) Require specific skills to setup wordpress blog. Not linked with Gmail.

2) WordPress provides free domain but it has very limited access unlike the custom domain.

3) For running a wordpress blog, you may need to purchase hosting services and a custom domain in order to access all the features.

4) Cost incurs to setup a full feature wordpress blog and a beginner may need an expert to setup the blog on wordpress.

5) WordPress has thousands of customization options (plugins, themes, SEO etc.) and provides a flexible environment for development. (Skills needed).

6) Best for intermediate users who can understand front end development.

7) Best for not only personal blog but custom website as well (Business, institutions, idea, application development, services etc.)

8) Ask for more

I highlighted those factors to which a beginner would look for. In my opinion, if you just want to write, write and write, blogspot is the best option. You don’t have to manage your domain and hosting services. You will have unlimited space and you would not need any specific skills to run your blog.

On the other hand, if you are opting for wordpress, you have to purchase a custom domain name and hosting services. You may have to go through lots of tutorials in case you don’t want to hire an expert to setup your blog or website.  Still it will need a lot of time for a beginner to settle down all the things.

Are you planning to start your personal blog? Read this article and choose the platform. Stay tuned for upcoming guides.



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