Jabori : A gateway to the heaven.

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Domail rest-house, Jabori
Domail : Forest division rest-house

There are many hidden places in Pakistan, not only away from the sight of foreign tourists but also local tourists. Pakistan has a rich northern region attracting tens of thousands of tourists every year, mostly during summer and public holidays. Thanks to whoever wants to claim the credit, the new motorway, which is still halfway constructed, is easing up travel for the people who are concerned about tourism up until the Mansehra or Abbottabad region.

Mansehra is located adjacent to Abbottabad. It’s a mountainous region extended by local people after Sardar Raja Mahan Singh Mirpuri built his castle back in 1834 near Ghazi Kot. District Mansehra is located at the entrance of the northern regions and is filled with unexplored places hidden behind the Himalayan mountain region.

The famous picnic spot where local tourists tend to go and spend a nice day is Domail Valley, surrounded by Himalayan pine hills and gushed by the famous Siran river. Streams coming from different glaciers are so pure that 30,000 people living in the mountains use them for cooking and quenching their thirst.



The word Domail originated from the Urdu words “do” and “mail,” which means “a place where two rivers meet.” The elevation of District Mansehra is 3500ft, but Domail is at 5000ft and provides a hike that extends to an elevation of 14000ft. Musa ka Musala is the highest peak in the region, which connects Siran Valley and Kaghan Valley and has been explored by very few tourists so far.

  1. Very beautiful place would love to visit sometime n let that beauty sink in meπŸ˜‰

    1. Indeed and the companionship of a brother is always desirable while rolling out for journeys like that

  2. Muhammad Ali says:

    You made us go on a tour of Jabori in a very beautiful way. Now it seems that we should travel and share my thoughts with you. I don’t know how to write, but I will try to write like you.

    1. Ali Bhai thank you for visiting my blog and commenting but I’m definetly no master and I hope we will learn a lot from each other. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


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